Grade 8thB doubles its conquest of the pages of Il Resto del Carlino

Today, Thursday, 10th March 2022, the 8th grade students of Smiling International School, section B (III media), also took part in the Ferrara newspaper Il Resto del Carlino.

Led by Professors Martina Guidi (Italian Language and Literature) and Eleonora Morelli (English Language and Literature), they took part in the journalism championship “Cronisti in classe” promoted by the Ferrara newspaper.

The students wrote two articles on the same subject, one in Italian and one in English, reflecting the bilingual status of our school. By taking part in the project, the students learn the meaning of teamwork, respectfully confronting each other and incorporating different points of view into the story. The competition also gives them the opportunity to improve their writing skills in the two languages. They learn about the structure of a newspaper article and especially how to write in a way that makes the reader more curious.

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To read the full article on the Il Resto del Carlino website, click here.

Drawing created by three 8th B grade students