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LEARNING THE ROPES: Preparing for Middle School

As one school year ends and we prepare for a fresh start, we may feel excited, nervous and perhaps a little unsure.
Moving from Primary to Secondary School, in particular, is one of the biggest steps you take in your school journey.
We take special care in guiding you along this path. For our 5th graders moving up to Secondary School, our teacher Paola Cirelli, has been giving students a crash course in “LEARNING THE ROPES”.
In this project, our soon-to-be Middle Schoolers have been developing study methods; a vital skill for their next steps at Smiling.
They looked at how to conduct research, how to create maps from text and also how you learn from videos, to name just a few.
The children shared ideas and resources, which culminated in this fantastic website! It’s a great resource to refresh what you’ve learned so far, or, if you missed the crash course, you can check it now!
Click and play around; discover the lessons and valuable resources on there. You’ll stride into Middle School with confidence and determination!