98% success rate for cambridge assessment examinations

” Dear friends,

As this academic year draws to a close, we would like to express our gratitude for the cooperation, support and professionalism you have shown us.

Your spirit of adaptation to new situations, together with the great cooperation you have personally put in place, have been of vital importance to us and have contributed to the successful completion of the Cambridge Assessment English 2020-21 examination sessions.

Today we are happy to celebrate the conclusion of a complex but successful year. This success is evidenced by the pass rates of your students during the year just ended.

It is therefore with pleasure that we are pleased to share in attachment your certificate of excellence from our Examination Centre.

The management and staff of Inlingua Ferrara

We received this email last August 2021 from Inlingua Ferrara to congratulate and reward our students.

We are pleased to share with you such a great success achieved by all our Smiling students.

What a satisfaction to end last school year  with this great news. Thanks to all our students, this recognition is yours.

We are sure this year you will do even better!!