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Teacher di Smiling: coautrice di un’importante ricerca scientifica

A science teacher from Smiling International School has co-authored a seminal scientific study on fighting viruses.

Laura Lunghi worked with leading scientists from around the globe to research cell membranes. In the published paper, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, they investigated how cell membranes can be compromised. This is a factor that leads to contracting viruses such as COVID-19.

In this cutting-edge research, our science teacher and her colleagues conducted experiments, including in the laboratories at the University of Ferrara.

The objective was to discover more about cellular communication. A cell membrane acts as a natural shield, providing a barrier to the cell inside. Consequently, it can prevent toxic substances from entering, like the viruses SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2; the one that causes COVID-19.

Ms Lunghi and the team of scientists discovered how these pathogens can trick the cell, subsequently penetrating it and causing us to fall ill from a virus.

This latest research delves into how and why this happens. What follows next is more scientific study, to better understand how to treat and prevent viruses, like COVID-19. Therefore, this work could change how we approach combatting viruses in the future, thereby saving lives.

Smiling International School is delighted with Ms. Lunghi’s involvement in this innovative work. She represents the outstanding knowledge and experience our teachers bring to our students.

The findings are now available to read in the open domain, which you can see below.