Smiling riconquista le testate giornalistiche grazie ai suoi studenti-scrittori


Smiling’s 8th Grade students have graced the pages of Ferrara newspaper, Il Resto del Carlino, once more.

Budding writers from class 8A took part in the journalism project that saw their peers achieve editorial recognition.

They chose Ferrara’s unique features as the hook of their piece. As a group, they claimed this historic city should be chosen as the Italian capital of culture of 2021.

The article is written in both Italian and English, reflecting the bilingual status of Smiling International School. It also honed their writing skills in the two languages. Our promising journalists highlighted the impressive architecture, the distinctive castle and the well-preserved ancient walls.

Like class 8B, they learned how to structure an article and how to write succinctly. In groups they created the final editorial piece.

Thoughts from the teachers

Their Italian and English teachers are immensely proud of their achievement.

Smiling English teacher, Lexi Pardee, said: “Students worked hard to keep their ideas brief and interesting. 8A is extremely proud to see themselves published in the paper and feel that their hard work has paid off.”

This project gave them a practical use for what they learned in class. Eleonora Morelli, also an English teacher at Smiling, said: “Often, students fail to see connections between their school syllabus and what is awaiting them in their future life. This project shows them how tangible and relevant their studies are.”

Italian teacher, Giada Zerbini, said the students learned teamworking skills throughout. “They have been autonomous, have worked in groups and each of them has made their own contribution,” she said.

Cecilia Vicentini, also an Italian teacher at Smiling, reinforced the importance of learning as preparation for the future. She said, “It was a useful initiative to look at writing and culture with a professional approach rather than to just get a grade in class.”

We learn for the world we live in and the international stage our students face. Thanks to the motivation of our teachers and students, their prospects for a successful future are strong.

To read their full article on Il Resto del Carlino’s site, click here.