Over the weekend of Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 2021 (with the patronage and support of the Mibact, the Municipality and University of Ferrara, the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture and the National Association of Public Gardens), the Ilturco association organised the sixth edition of the Interno Verde festival, an event that opens the most evocative and interesting gardens in the city’s historic centre to the public. This initiative was enriched this year by an extraordinary project, entitled “HERBARIVM”, which directly involved a number of high school students from Ferrara.

Five students from the Smiling’s 4-years Linguistic High School took part in the project, and collaborated on the creation of an editorial product inspired by historical herbaria, both scientific and literary, then comparing their work with the Historical Herbarium kept at the Botanical Garden of Ferrara and the Herbarium collected by Filippo de Pisis.

Our girls – together with a group of students from the Einaudi Institute – were busy from Monday 6 September to Sunday 28 November:

Monday 6 September, presentation of the project, in-depth study of urban greenery in the city, open gardens and their historical and botanical characteristics;
Wednesday 8 September, specific training on the organisation of the festival and on reception (with particular attention to the most fragile or disabled people). Handing out of T-shirts, allocation of gardens. Training on collecting plant and flower samples for the herbarium;
Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September, participation in the event, care of the spaces, reception of visitors and collection of samples for the herbarium;
Thursday 7 October, training on the herbarium collected by Filippo De Pisis;
Friday 9 October, training on the tradition of herbaria made for scientific purposes, in collaboration with the Ferrara Botanical Garden (guided tour);
from Monday 12 October to Friday 15 October, selection of samples, research and definition of contents, drafting of texts, revision.

Yesterday, Wednesday 3 November, the work was presented to the public, in the setting of the Museum of Natural History of Ferrara. It was an important moment, which well summed up the spirit with which the project was first proposed and then carried out: the desire to know, to make themselves available to the community, to compare students from different schools and with different experiences, and to create something that will remain: the HERBARIVM.

We are proud to publish it here, congratulating all the students who worked on it and thanking the Ilturco association, in the persons of Licia Vignotto and Giulia Nascimbeni.